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Each course contains a number of modules with durations of 30 – 120 minutes per module.

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FIU101-Money Laundering: |Understanding Money Laundering | Laundering Methods | Traditional Financial Institutions | Non-Traditional Institutions | Money Laundering Havens | Financial Intelligence Unit

FIU102-Advanced Money Laundering: | Financial Investigations | Financial Records | Informants | Undercover Operations | Net worth Analysis | Search Operations | Financial Interviewing;

FIU103-Interdiction Techniques for Land Controls: | Interdiction Techniques for Land Controls | Risk Assessment for Land Controls | Risk Profiling for Land Controls | Selection Methods for Land Controls | Preliminary Observation for Land Controls | Document Review for Land Controls | Behavioral Indicators for Land Controls | Questioning for Land Controls | Cargo Risk Indicators for Land Controls | The Review of Passports for Land Controls | Body Carry for Land Controls | Conclusion to Interdiction for Land Controls

FIU104-Interdiction Techniques at Airports: |Behavioral Indicators at Airports | Interdiction Techniques at Airports | Risk Assessment at Airports | Risk Profiling at Airports | Selection Methods at Airports | Preliminary Observation at Airports | The Review of Airline Tickets | The Review of Passports at Airports | Questioning Persons at Airports | Air Cargo Risk Indicators | Air Baggage Risk Indicators | Body Carry at Airports | Conclusion to Interdiction at Airports

FIU105-Interdiction Techniques at Seaports: |Behavioral Indicators at Seaports | Interdiction Techniques at Seaports | Risk Assessment at Seaports | Risk Profiling at Seaports | Selection Methods at Seaports | Preliminary Assessment of Cargo | Cargo Documents | Questioning Persons at Seaports | The Review of Passports at Seaports | Body Carry at Seaports | Conclusion to Interdiction at Seaports

FIU106-Precursor Chemicals: | Interdiction of Precursors | Clandestine Laboratories

FIU107-Controlled Deliveries: | Understanding Controlled Deliveries | Planning and Executing a Controlled Delivery

FIU108-Risk Management: | Introduction to Risk Management | Risk Management at Land Controls | Risk Management at Airports | Risk Management at Seaports | Conclusion to Risk Management

FIU109-Human Trafficking: | Understand Human Trafficking | Human Trafficking Process | Identifying and Dealing with Victims

FIU110-Understanding Intelligence:|Introduction to Intelligence | Application of Intelligence | The Intelligence Cycle

FIU111-Basic Analysis: |Introduction to Basic Intelligence Analysis | The Association Matrix | Association Link Chart | Event Flow Chart | Commodity Flow Chart | Developing a Conclusion

FIU112-Search Techniques: |Performing a Car Search | Performing a Container Search | Performing a Search of Persons| Performing an Aircraft Search
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